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                                                Ningqian Expressway Project

                                                • Bridge


                                                • Construction period

                                                • 40.36km2km2

                                                  Construction area

                                                Project details

                                                    Ningqian Expressway is an important part of "Zongyi" (Xuhang Expressway) and "Zongqi" (Ningjin Expressway) in Anhui's four vertical and eight horizontal expressway network planning and the expressway network planning of the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area. The route starts from Pingxing Village in Ningguo City, communicates with Xuanning Expressway and Ningji Expressway, and finally connects Qianqiu Pass at the junction of Anhui and Zhejiang to Nanjing-Jinhua Expressway. It has a total length of 40.36 kilometers, with 25 bridges, 3 middle bridges, 4 tunnels, 3 interchanges (2 reserved), 1 toll station, 1 service area and project budget.


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